Here are some common frequently asked questions. If your question is not represented below and/or you need further information: please feel free to contact our Associate Director, Marsha Oyer, at (913) 724-3487, or call the Camellot Office number: (816) 363-2036 ext. 113.

Q: What is the first day of camp like?
The first day of camp is different from the others and is different for each division. On the first day, campers spend their time getting to know each other, their teachers and the class options available to them. Here is how the first day will look for each division:

Q: What about costumes?
Costumes are required for both the Junior and Senior Divisions for the Senior Musical. Costume information will be sent home during the third week of camp as well as posted on our web site. All costumes are designed with an eye toward economy both in time and money.  All costumes must be ready for dress rehearsal, which is the Wednesday morning of the last week of camp.  Lead role costumes must be ready for the first afternoon dress rehearsal. That date will be included on the rehearsal schedule.  Parents have found it helpful to talk to each other regarding certain wardrobe items or props. Feel free to network and be creative!

For parents who have the time to help others with their costumes, please leave your name in the Camellot office.

Q: Where should I drop off and pick up my camper every day?

Please drop off your child at the Commons door on the North side of the building each morning. Junior campers will be greeted by their class assistants or faculty. When picking your child up early, please tell the office manager that morning and we’ll be sure to have your child ready to go at the appointed time.

Because Camellot staff members have other commitments, it is not convenient for them to remain beyond the close of camp, therefore we will charge $5 per every five minutes past 3:15 p.m. Charges will be collected when you pick up your camper and should be given to the faculty member on late duty for their inconvenience.  If you require an early drop-off (8 a.m.) please let us know. We will make a faculty member available (at a small charge) to meet your camper early.

Q: May my camper bring a guest to camp?
Campers may bring guests to classes given the following guidelines:
1. The camp office must approve the visit at least one day in advance.
2. Campers are responsible for making sure their guests have lunch if there all day.
3. Campers may not bring guests during the first or last weeks of camp.
4. Dependent on activities and supplies, it may not always be possible for a guest to visit.
5. A guest must behave in accordance with all camp rules.
6. The same child may not be a guest at camp more than once.

Q: I lost something at camp.

See our Camper’s Handbook for more details.

More questions? Click here to contact us or call the Office: (816) 363-2036 ext. 113