At Camellot, we offer a selection of classes designed to expose your child to the creative world of the arts. Classes are taken every day and consist of drama, dance, art, and music. The Junior and Senior Divisions both share these same areas of focus, however the curriculum and performance opportunities differ.

Senior Division classes are chosen by the camper the first week of camp. They may choose to take drama, art, guitar, dance, or stage craft and then organize their schedule accordingly. All Senior campers are part of the Camellot Chorus. We encourage our campers to enroll in various activities in order to find the areas that they want to pursue. Then we help them to build the confidence and skill they need to perform and grow. Senior campers have the opportunity to audition for the main parts in the musical to be performed during the final week of camp. In addition, they take part in the Junior show mid-way through camp and also have performance opportunities during our (2) camp showcases.

Junior Division classes consist of chorus, vocal music, art, dance and drama. These classes are set for them and the curriculum is geared more specifically toward their age group. Junior Division campers perform in their own show mid-way through camp, and also fulfill their own role in the musical during the final week.

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Class Descriptions

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Drama– Drama classes provide campers with exposure to the history of theatre and the opportunity to release their inner performer as they participate in group improv games, write skits, develop characters, and work on various dramatic scenes together. Other aspects of theater such as costuming, stage make-up, and preparation for an audition are also part of Camellot’s drama curriculum.


Dance– Dance classes at camp are very busy! Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a beginner, dance at Camellot is fun! Fundamental techniques and different modes of body movement are taught along with an introduction to various styles of dance. Campers have opportunities to perform solos in addition to group dances as they prepare for the performances.


Art– Art classes allow the student to explore the fundamentals—the Elements of Art (i.e. texture, space, shape, color, tone) and the Principles of Design (i.e. unity, balance, proportion, contrast)—through various media from drawing to collage to sculpture. Campers then create and share their work at an art show during camp.


Vocal Music – Camellot campers attend group vocal music classes that allow them to work on solos and duets as well as music for the Camellot Chorus. Class work includes vocal exercises aimed at developing healthy breathing techniques and proper posture to facilitate good vocal production. Campers work to improve stage presence and build confidence as they rehearse and prepare a multitude of songs for performance.

Guitar– Guitar classes are group lessons aimed at introducing campers to the fundamentals of guitar. Students need no prior experience but must own their own instrument and be responsible for bringing it to camp. Basic playing techniques are introduced and developed such as proper positioning and fingering, melodic and chordal playing, and learning how to tune their instrument. In addition, students learn to play together as an ensemble as they prepare group repertoire for the performances.