Camelot! Camelot!
I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But in Camelot, Camelot
That’s how conditions are.

If you are like most former campers the sound of this chorus echoes fondly in your heart and hearkens back to a time of excitement and camaraderie, of songs and laughter, when days were carefree and summers long. A time filled with the magic and electricity of an idea brought to life solely by those who chose to gather…to play, make music, to smile. This place still exists, and it is time for those of you near and far who have experienced the magic of Camellot to join together and ensure that the legacy continues.

Because, of course, we all know…

In short there’s simply not, a more congenial spot

Camellot Alumni Collage 5

Alumni Photo Archive Project

We are asking all of you to please contribute to our Alumni Photo Archive Project by pulling out your old Camellot photos and sending them to us to add to our archive. We are only interested in digital copies, so scan your hardcopy photos and save them as JPEG files. Choose the best of the best, those that best encapsulate your memories of camp, and we will exhibit your submissions in various slideshows within our archive.

We would like if possible to have photos representing every year and production ever staged at Camellot. In addition, we want to document the many trips that Camellot has sponsored over the years.

Send all photos to:

Put “Alumni Photo Archive” in the subject line, share with us the year and context for the photos, and we will add them to our archive for everyone to view. If you have many to contribute and want to discuss alternate modes of sharing just contact us at the email address above.

Visit the Camellot Alumni Archive


Alumni Video Testimonials

The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and what better authority on the excellence of the Camellot experience than those who have experienced it firsthand? Therefore, we are asking alumni to participate in our call for video testimonials. All you need to do is record a short video of yourself, no more than a few minutes, in which you share your memories of Camellot and what it has meant to you in your life.

It doesn’t need to have high production value. A talking head taken with a web-cam will do just fine, although we won’t discourage those who wish to be creative.

No matter where your journey has taken you, we want to hear from you. Alums of all ages and backgrounds. We will take them and cut them together to produce video testimonials that we will showcase on our website and potentially during our 50th anniversary celebration. So Ready, Set, ACTION…

If you would like to contribute a testimonial, send an email with “Alumni Video” in the subject line to the email address above and we will give you further details.

Camellot Academy

Become a Friend

Visit our Donate page to learn about how you can become a Friend of Camellot and give back to the program that has meant so much to you. Our program relies heavily on the generosity of those who can give donations and becoming a Friend of Camellot is a perfect way to show your support.


Stay Connected

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